funky haircolor kids

Should You Give Your Kids a Funky Hair Makeover?

Kids with funky haircolor. »

old man haircut

Give Your Misbehaving Kids Old Man Haircuts

TweetAn Atlanta barber disciplines kids with old man haircuts. If your son or daughter is a constant asshole with no respect for authority, he or she probably needs some discipline. Unfortunately, we live in an era where taking off your sandal and reddening your child’s buttocks is frowned upon (although admittedly, it worked on me), so parents nowadays have to get more creative with discipline. R... »

toddler drawings turned into art

Toddler Sayings Turned Into Art

TweetThis young father creates graphic masterpieces from the bat-shit crazy things his toddler says. If you have ever been around a toddler for any amount of time, you know half the crap that comes out of their mouths is a random jumble of words that defy logic. Martin Bruckner has a toddler daughter, and has turned his kid’s sayings into a viable business by making them into art. The idea began w... »

Why Is Fruit So Weird?

Why Is Fruit So Weird?

TweetCan’t we just stick to the normal shit? Seriously. When it comes to summer snacks, I tend to stick the easy things: whiskey and ice cream. It’s just the best way to go about things, and you won’t be disappointed by something crazy sour or bitter. Now, there’s something called “Witch Fingers” and “Cotton Candy Grapes.” READ MORE: The Best Kept Be... »

anti-masturbation cross

WTF: The Anti-Masturbation Cross

TweetIntroducing an anti-masturbation cross for self-raping Christian children.   Are you worried that your child’s wandering hands will persuade him or her from the path of righteousness? Do you have to set an egg timer every time your son goes into the bathroom? Does your daughter’s obsession with crucifix-dildo scene in The Exorcist give you cause for concern? If so, you might consider buy... »

dominic deville, evil clown

Pay an Evil Clown to Stalk Your Child

TweetHave your kids been misbehaving this year? Send an evil clown to stalk them for their birthday. I know you love your children, but even you can admit that sometimes, they act like little bastards. Dominic Deville, a Switzerland-based clown decided to turn this fact into a lucrative business, and decided to start scaring children for money. His service is called Evil Clown, and is located in L... »

cabbage patch kid wig

Fun Ways to Humiliate Your Child: A Cabbage Patch Kid Wig

TweetSixty percent of the reason to have a kid (besides a tax write-off and excuse to force your high school boyfriend to marry you) is to find new and interesting ways to humiliate it. In honor of that, I have scoured Etsy (no, it wasn’t difficult) and tracked down the cabbage patch kid wig. First off, as Bryce Gruber knows if you are going to wig your baby, you should go with nothing but the bes... »

ice castles

Fantasy Ice Castles: I am Relocating Immediately

TweetHaving grown up in Florida, I am generally not a big fan of the cold. That being said, I can certainly appreciate the beauty of freshly fallen snow as much as the next Lohan, and would consider moving to a frozen tundra if it meant I could live in a fabulous ice palace. Ice Castles is a project started by Utah artist Brent Christensen, as a way to build explorable ice structures for his child... »

childhood and adulthood

Five Childhood Things Adults Still Wish They Could Do

TweetBeing around my nieces and nephews reminds me how amazing childhood can be. Kids have an innate sense of adventure that comes with having no responsibilities or real worries that make me totally jells. They also have more energy than they can contain and bounce around like Mexican jumping beans making me wish I had an elephant tranquilizer so I could just get five minutes of peace and quiet. ... »

inappropriate halloween costumes

Top Five Totally Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

TweetHalloween is steadily approaching. For girls, this means it is time to come up with the skankiest costume you can find, and then hope it isn’t so cold that your vagina freezes over. For gays, this means it is time to come up with the skankiest costume you can find, and then hope it isn’t so cold that your penis inverts into your body. I believe the proper name for this costume is ... »

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