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Fashion Crave: SCOUT’s Honor

Scout’s silver and crystal arm cuff

I love the detail of this Mikal Winn Cuff by SCOUT. The silver makes it casual enough for an every day bracelet, while the crystals add a hint of glamour that can stand alone as a statement piece in the evening. The Mikal Winn is hand weld titanium dipped with a crystal brass cuff. It is $258.00 and available online here. Related Posts80 Year Old Model and Designer Shows Off Yasmina Rossi: Meet... More...

By • Apr 7th, 2013 • Category: BEAUTY, FASHION, Jewelry

Accessories Spotting: A Hand

VERAMEAT’s beautiful silver and gold hand’s on necklaces

Are you a fan of A Hand, Hand of God and Peace Hand? The Lady Hand is a perfect match for you! It’s graceful and charming, looks great on every chain, and– what can we say?– Verameat can’t help but to keep offering you a hand. VERAMEAT is Vera Balyura, a teller of winding tales in search of the extraordinary. Born in Ukraine, she recalls woodcarving with her grandfather, hors... More...

By • Dec 31st, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY, FASHION, Jewelry, Shoes and Accessories

Awesome Spotting: Rejoice the Hands Cheveyo Slave Bracelet

Hands down the hottest piece of jewelry we’ve seen all spring.

Brace yourselves fashionistas: this badass, vintage inspired, silver and turquoise bracelet/ring combo is hands down the hottest piece of hand jewelry we’ve seen all spring. We envision the likes of every boho chic betch in LA flocking to Planet Blue just to purchase this music festival gem on daddy’s credit card for, you know, a mere $440.00. But whatevs, if we had that same luxury, hell... More...

By • Apr 28th, 2012 • Category: FASHION, Jewelry

Etsy Spotting: Snakeskin Leather Cuffs

Trending in 2012: snakeskin cuff bracelets.

Tweet I hereby predict that these cuff bracelets are going to be the hottest thing in 2012. I’m obsessed. Image via Etsy. Related PostsThe Book of Yeezus: We Knew It’d Come Eventually Cat Battle Armor. That is All Fun Ways to Humiliate Your Child: A Cabbage Patch Kid Wig 5 Legitimately Useful Unicorn Accessories Wedding Jewelry That Makes Me Want To Cry

By • Jan 15th, 2012 • Category: FASHION, Jewelry, Shoes and Accessories

Accessory Spotting: New Look for Medical Alert Bracelets

Arm candy that will save your life!

Your eyes are not deceiving you – this is the new look and direction of Medical ID bracelets! When I was diagnosed with diabetes back in ’95, technically there were Medical ID bracelets, and technically, my parents required me to wear one, and technically, regardless of whether they came in gold or silver, they were an eye sore. As if being sick wasn’t bad enough, I had to wear an u... More...

By • Jan 11th, 2012 • Category: Adult Health, FASHION, HEALTH, Jewelry, Shoes and Accessories

Designer Spotting: Katrina Lapenne

Up and coming while hitting the metalsmithing nail right on the head. Katrina Lapenne’s style is hot.

When this designer came through my inbox, I was blow away by the precision & whimsy of the piece by designer Katrina Lapenne.  Making snakes look as graceful as this is a feat to be recognized, and to name a collection “Dragon Scales” with the outcome of beautifully vibrant transitional pieces, to be applauded. A native of NY, this Brooklyn based metalsmith Lapenne  has developed a se... More...

By • Jul 17th, 2011 • Category: FASHION, Jewelry, Shoes and Accessories

Style Crave: Neutral Stripes

Springy neutral stripes. Work ittttt!

The mere thought of widening anything in or around my chest region is morifying… but shout outs to send to my homies at Made New York for making me fall in lust with stripes again. Loosely fitting dolman sleeves in easy to wear colors make all the difference in a stark, wide stripe, styled with… you guessed it, more stripes – horizontally positioned to slim & make you look less... More...

By • Apr 21st, 2011 • Category: Bottoms, Dresses, FASHION, Lingerie, Shoes and Accessories, Tops

Fancy Rockstar Bracelet

TweetOMFG! I just fell in lust with this black & gold, guitar-shaped bracelet engraved with the inscription “God Give Rock [...]

OMFG! I just fell in lust with this black & gold, guitar-shaped bracelet engraved with the inscription “God Give Rock & Roll To You” (typo but who cares!). With international shipping this piece of rock & roll bling comes up to 50 Euros – who’s getting it? Related PostsRemembering Ray Manzarek Fred Armisen and Bill Hader Bid Farewell to SNL A Celebrity Cast Film... More...

By • Feb 21st, 2011 • Category: FASHION, Jewelry

Amore: Carolee’s Sentiment Cuff

How many ways can you say ‘love’?

A spotlight is necessary for such a simple, sentimental & swoon-worthy bracelet. Perfect for any loved one this Valentine’s Day – it’s a year-round piece of jewelry that acts as a special reminder that love is around all the damn time — even when you think it’s lost for good. Wear this – and feel the love constantly. In other words, keep the love alive, bitc... More...

By • Jan 22nd, 2011 • Category: FASHION, Jewelry

Gifting: Your Fave Artsy Teen

And the award for best stocking stuffer ever goes to….

Well, I suppose this gift idea could go for anyone who has a yearning to capture moments in time with photographic machinery, but that wouldn’t have made for such a succinct title, eh? This hipster spin on the silicone bracelet (WWJD? He would LIVESTRONG, of course) comes with extra special grooves and print to give the look of high-octane focusing rings. Stocking stuffer no-brainer. Camera Lens... More...

By • Nov 28th, 2010 • Category: FASHION, Jewelry