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Strange baby customs

Strange Baby Customs From Around the World

TweetI tell you, some weird shit goes on in this world. I was lucky enough to be there for the birth of my first nephew, and lucky that my sister had enough of a sense of humor (and lack of fucks-to-give) to snap a pic of her afterbirth so we could discuss it afterwards. Having a baby is kind of a big deal no matter where you live in the world, and every country has its own customs. Here are three... »

my little pony build a bear

The Perfect Awkward Gift for Your Gay Baby

TweetJust when I thought Build-A-Bear couldn’t be more all-inclusive of every type of child, they come out with a My Little Pony toy, and gaybys everywhere rejoice. Gayby= gay baby for those of you who don’t know how puns work. Is your newborn son’s wrist more limp than a soggy Pamper? Do black leather bibs by Lady Gaga for Babies’R’Us bring an excited sparkle to his ... »

Stokke 3-in-1 Baby Carrier

Giveaway Spotting: Stokke 3-in-1 MyCarrier

Tweet Since it’s pretty clear how much I love STOKKE products for my little ones, I thought it’d only be appropriate to share my latest lust with you: the Stokke 3-in-1 MyCarrier, a baby carrying solution that magically keeps your kid happy and your back in tact. 1 lucky winner will get a STOKKE MyCarrier valued at $249. It’ll start your relationship off on the right foot with your lit... »

stokke baby xplory stroller giveaway

Giveaway Spotting: Stokke Baby Xplory Stroller

Tweet I’ve been touting the incredible qualities of the STOKKE Xplory stroller for months now- so much so that I’ve brought this wizard-on-wheels to a ton of different TV tapings to talk about how much I love it. It’s literally the Ferrari of strollers- it faces front or back, adjusts to just about any height under the sun (perfect for teeny tiny parents, siblings, or Shaq-attack... »

Perfect Gifts for New Moms & Little Ones

Perfect Gifts for New Moms & Little Ones

Gifts for new moms at every price point »

Perfect Baby Gift: Grillz & Gold Pacifiers

Perfect Baby Gift: Grillz & Gold Pacifiers

Pacifiers that will cement a future in wildness. »