realistic pokemon

Realistically Portrayed Pokemon Animals

Realistic pokemon. »

nude at the rnc

Pose Nude at the Republican National Convention

Naked at the RNC! »

everyday women

What Women Do When Nobody is Watching

Artist Sally Nixon captures everyday women when nobody is watching. »

drag race lego

Rupaul’s Drag Race Contestants as Lego People

Rupauls drag race legos. »

van gogh movie

Van Gogh’s Paintings Become A Fully Painted Movie

Van Gogh painted documentary. »

bonsai skulls

Beautiful Bonsai Skulls

TweetThese bonsai skulls are creepy chic. When people walk into my bedroom, one of the things they always say is that my décor is a little dark. I’ve also been told it looks like a hotel room (which I take as a compliment), and that my sensibilities are a little creepy (also, a compliment). So when I saw these bonsai skulls online, my first thought was ‘Do they come in gold?’ and if so, where can ... »

seminole patchwork

Want to Be a Florida Seminole Patchwork Princess?

TweetThe Miss Seminole Florida Princess Pageant highlights the traditional art form of Seminole patchwork– the original American elegance. True story, as I write this I am sitting on a bus traveling through lower Florida, so this post really couldn’t be more timely, but enough about my glamorous jet-setting life because there’s a story to be told about the original version of American ... »

16th Century Gothic Chapel or Starry Night?

TweetThis 16th Century chapel became a stunning light show thanks to projection artist Miguel Chevalier. I don’t know about you, but cathedral ceilings are my slow jam. That may very well be the gayest thing I have ever said, but I’m sure you agree with me. At a recent charity event at the University of Cambridge, Paris-based projection artist Miguel Chevalier used his mad digital art skills to li... »

keith haring restroom mural

The Keith Haring Bathroom: Most Valuable Restroom in America

TweetThe Keith Haring Bathroom in NYC: As the site of Keith Haring’s last major mural, this bathroom is probably the most valuable one in America. I don’t know about you, but I like to be distracted when I am in the bathroom. Nowadays I will look at my phone for hours on end, but back in the day I would read magazines, books, or even the back of shampoo bottles while enjoying a little restroom alo... »

street art iran

Elevated Street Art in Iran

TweetMural artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo creates huge works on art on public spaces in Iran. Muralists and street artists are generally thought of at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to art. This is a little ironic, since they are out there trying to make the world a more beautiful place, but unfortunately I didn’t make the rules. Street artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo is not only changing that percep... »

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