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Summer Scent Stories

By • Jun 3rd, 2010 • Category: BEAUTY, Fragrance

What I found to be the unique aspect of Neil Morris Fragrances (other than being based in my hometown of Boston!) is that each of these summer worthy scents tell a story. Neil’s inspiration for each fragrance is based on personal memories or experiences, so instead of simply creating fragrances people will like, he prefers to use them to tell “scent stories”! The first scent Aegean tells of Neil’s desire to visit Greece. Through notes such as Mandarin and Basil Blossom, this fragrance tells of a relaxing ride aboard a yacht coasting along the Aegean Sea.


The scent story of Clear is based on a memory of a late summer bicycle ride, with the fresh air laced with linden blossoms and mint. This is a perfect fresh scent to wear on a clear sunny Summer’s day.


Another one of Neil’s Signature scents is Rainflower, inspired by his visit to the Kew Gardens in London. When smelling this fragrance, you will immediately think of a Summer day where it was raining most of the day, but suddenly cleared to reveal the sun shining on blooming flowers, such as Freesia and Tulips.


The last, as well as my favorite, one of Neil Morris’ Summer worthy scents that I experienced was Zephyr. Zephy was created from another one of Neil’s summer memories. This scent story tells of a hot day in August, characterized by humid still air, when suddenly a refreshing breeze – a zephyr – blew past. This scent cominbes fruity notes, such as tangerine and papaya, accented with the freshness of white tea, to encompass the scent of summer.


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