Shady Character

We want our men to look suave without trying to hard, am I right? We’ve found that an appropriate accessory ( no thanks, gold chain – we’re all set) could be just the ticket for your man to go from dud to stud.

Exhibit A: Barton Perrieira Shades



Find them at Macy’s – or check out their local retail locations here at'
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  • Brian

    I’d prefer a different style of glasses

  • Kealy

    Not bad looking shades. I can totally see my husband in the second pair.

  • Whoa! This are some Rockin’ shades! It would be nice to see a APX retail amount here…I wonder how much these bad boys costs!!

  • Cman

    I really like the bottom Barton pair because of the gradient design looking very unique and suave. I also love the temple designs, which look a lot l ike some Valentino shades that I’ve seen before. Top that with the Ralph Lauren bridge, and I’m sold!

    I probably wouldn’t purchase the top Barton pair due to the simplified emblem of on the sides of the temples; however, the front shades themselves look a lot like my Gucci 1626s.

    In closing, both are very stylish overall.