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Scented Jeans: a total waste of money

By • Feb 12th, 2012 • Category: Bottoms, FASHION

Scented jeans, sigh. Just in case you were in the mood to waste your cash this weekend, we’re giving you a good reason. I mean, forget about the awesome purse you’ve been coveting, the new Spring edition of that matte hot pink lipstick you spotted at Neiman’s, or that weekend in the Bahamas with your bestie… no, you should totally blow your wad on these.

According to Racked:

Naked and Famous have just launched a pair of men’s jeans that are actually scratch and sniff: They’re $150, and they smell like raspberries. Naked and Famous informs that the scent only lasts for about five washes, but do you own any jeans that you’ve actually washed more than that?

Special thanks to Courtney Weiss for sending us this little gem <3

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