Relationship Spotting: What To Do If You Realize Your Boyfriend is Insane'
Written by Gary

insane boyfriend

It has happened to us all once or twice in our lives. We meet a guy we think it nice, interesting, and most of all “cool”. He doesn’t cramp our style or create a fuss when we want to go dancing with our friends all night and his penis is proportionate. We think: “I may have finally found a decent man.”

Then, you wake up a few times to him hovering over you, watching you while you sleep. He installs a lo-jack on your vagina so he can monitor your every move. If you don’t respond to his texts immediately, he throws a hissy and gets all passive aggressive on you. Guys are more than happy to play the part of the “cool guy” before their feelings get involved. The second they start to feel vulnerable, the crazy bitch in them trickles out of their ass.

Nobody likes to feel vulnerable. Unfortunately, when you open yourself up to love someone being vulnerable with him is mandatory. It’s a scary thing, but when a guy starts acting super crazy, it actually means that he likes you. That, and also that he is incredibly insecure.

So how do you get around this? Communication. If you are upfront and honest with a guy from day one about the way that you feel, it makes it a lot easier to be on the same page. Guys get as insecure as girls do, and a lot of the time all they want is a little validation. So try being vulnerable with them, and see if they ease up a bit. If, after you have explained in detail how you feel, you still find him sitting on a tree branch outside your window at midnight, then its time to say goodbye to the relationship, and hello to a restraining order.

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