Rant of the Week: Laughter Yoga Makes Me Cry

Living in New York, you see a lot of pretty crazy things – from pink haired, bedazzled, fully-clothed miniature dogs, to pink haired, bedazzled, scantily clad grandmothers. The reason many people live here is for the limitless barrage of the weird and extraordinary.

Some things are just stupid, though.

Apparently laughter yoga is the newest craze that is hitting the disposable income, bored, and kind of lazy but still really concerned with fitness set and my dear friend Bryce Gruber sat down and gave it a try.

Apparently, you just put your arms up and laugh while doing mild yoga poses, which is such a stupid concept that it makes me cry. Shindler’s List doesn’t even make me cry. Basically Laughter Yoga is worse than a movie about the Holocaust.They described the class as low impact, but I think no impact is more apt. I get that laughter builds your core and strengthens your ab muscles, but I hardly think you have to pay money to go to a class. Put on Comedy Central. Watch an episode of the Real Housewives of anything and watch their faces try to move. I guarantee that you will get a workout, and at least its not dangerous.

There are so many new yoga crazes out there these days that people don’t stop to consider whether the teachers of these classes are actually qualified to teach, which is totally dangerous. How many people really check the credentials of these alleged “yoga experts” and what does it take to be one? I can put my legs behind my ears. Should I be a yoga teacher?

Actually, come to think of it I could probably make a killing doing that in New York, the land of the perpetually bored, and infinitely gullible.

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By Gary
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