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Written by Ashley

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No one knows how to take better care of our fragile skin better than a doctor.  If I went to school to study the dermis and such, I’m sure they would be in better state.  But alas, my degree didn’t dive deep into the world of pores…so I’ve enlisted Dr. Gram’s Skin1 to take care of that world for me.

Dr. Gram is taking his years of guru like experience to the world of skincare, and has made it available to all of us, but I know what you’re thinking… this goo probably smells like a doctors office. But this stuff actually smells like nothing!

Instead of using a regular cleanser, I’ve been using the Daily Scrub & Daily Moisturizer on my face for the past couple of days.  The scrub, first off, smells like nothing…which I was thrilled with. I don’t need my face to smell like daisies, or medicine, or anything. So this rocked my world. And unlike other more abrasive scrubs that just strip your skin completely, this stuff has walnut shell powder in it, which lets you exfoliate, gently, every day.  Awesome substitute for cleanser, so you can skip a step! This makes for a naturally amazing face washing experience. I finished up with a toner and the Skin1 Daily Moisturizer,  I’m always on the hunt for a good moisturizer that will keep me hydrated without making me breakout. And this stuff did the trick, infused with pharmaceutical grade antioxidants, pomegranate and primrose. Easy!

Skin1 Daily Scrub $34 & Daily Moisturizer $45

Skin1 Daily Scrub $34 & Daily Moisturizer $45

Skin1’s Daily Regimen work with every skin-type.  It doesn’t matter if you’re dry, oily, sensitive, whatever!  Everyone needs to exfoliate and moisturize…and these will save your life.  Need an extra boost for acne prone skin?  Check out their Acne Regimen Line!

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