Protect Your Genitals. Stay Away from Kansas.

I’ll let this photo speak for itself… but I’m pretty sure this must have come from somewhere in our nation’s interior.  WTF IS WRONG WITH OUR SCHOOLS?!



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  • Daniel

    Whew, Man-on-Horse = No… I’m safe.

  • whew. close one.

  • Steph

    HAHAHAHAHA WOW. Don’t worry, that kid’ll do something great with his life… like shoot up a school.

  • wtf?!?

  • V Chav

    She needs to have a little box for, “Brother-on-Sister = NO”

  • Chad

    Any chance we could enlarge that paper that says “procedure” ?? I really want to hear how she (he?) conducted this experiment.

  • Dana

    Plus “Father-on-Daughter = NO”

  • Jeff

    calm down, just part of a hysterical photoshopping project, there are dozens, this one is from page 7