Pro-Lifer Shames His Ex-Girlfriend Via Billboard

Today in shitty ex-boyfriends: New Mexico ‘man’, Greg Fultz, purchased a billboard. It’s a photograph of him holding the outline of a baby and it reads, “This Would Have Been a Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To NOT KILL Our Child!” Right to Life New Mexico, an anti-abortion group, backed Fultz in his purchase and even lent him their logo – that is, until they discovered Fultz wasn’t even sure his girlfriend had an abortion.

That’s right. According to Fultz’s ex Nani Lawrence and several mutual friends, a miscarriage was the cause of death. Not an abortion. Fultz claims that the billboard, while inspired by his own “life events,” was not targeted toward his girlfriend. Lawrence has taken Fultz to court with a petition for domestic violence and charges of harassment and invasion of privacy; Fultz is playing the First Amendment card and refuses to remove the billboard. Come June 17th, he’ll be arrested if the sign remains.

Bro. This is ten shades of fucked up. I get that men might feel they have equal ownership over their unborn child, but the bottom line is that women, not now and not ever, can claim ownership over any part of a man’s body or dictate what he does with it. Instead of worrying about what women do with their bodies, why not focus on holding men accountable when they leave a single woman to raise a child by herself? This culture of ‘I can’t do it alone’ didn’t create itself. Why is the solution to control what the wicked woman does with her own body?

Let’s not even get into the very likely scenario that Lawrence had a miscarriage. If I believed in hell, I’d be certain there’s a special place for Fultz in it.

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  • and if it wasn’t an miscarriage, she was smart abort – who wants to be tied to that douchebag for 18 years?

  • LarryS

    I am a man who believes that it’s a woman’s choice what to do with her body.

  • AliceD

    I have to agree with ellegee on this one. He looks creepy. Idiot !