Pee Like Boys'
Written by JamieK

Who knew that I would ever be able to pee like a boy without making a mess.  Thanks to this cool gadet I discovered, peeing will never be the same.   Go-girl is a female urniation deviced designed to make it easy for females to “go” in unsanitary bathrooms without touching anything or for you outdoor grizzly girls you can pee near a tree without having to squat.  The package is small and can fit in anyones handbag.  This perfect for stocking stuffers.


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a recent FIT graduate in search of the next best thing. She can't get enough of men in suits and unwinding with her favorite bottle of wine. A free spirited attitude that always gets the last word, there's never a dull moment. Her favorite activities are laughing hysterically, a night out dancing in the perfect party dress, and looking and feeling fabulous. She is currently obsessed with her super glossy black patent leather Louboutins, bold dresses, sushi, and can't imagine a day without her Blackberry.


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