Paige Bradley: From Within

From the moment we are born,
the world tends to have a
container already built for us
to fit inside: A social security
number, a gender, a race,
a profession or an I.Q. I ponder
if we are more defined by the
container we are in, rather than
what we are inside. Would we
recognize ourselves if we could
expand beyond our bodies? 
Would we still be able to exist
if we were authentically
By exploring is the beauty that is within statues (symbols for ourselves) rather than the stoic grey material that is displayed on the outside, Paige Bradley allows what is on the inside to shine through.
From a very young age, Paige Bradley knew she would be an artist. Intrigued with nature and art, her greatest fascination was with the human figure. She studied at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, learning sculpture and printing.

Her work is full of dichotomies—beautiful and ugly, liberated and contained, falling and floating. She endeavors to be always in control of the form but not imprisoned by its physicality. For her, the subject matter is most important.

Bradley believes that through the human figure artists speak a universal language that is timeless and essential. ‘I attempt to expand my sculptures beyond the human flesh of the figure and create the brilliance within us,’ she says.

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BLEU. She's an oasis child busy being born in New York. She lives in the East Village and spends time writing, reading, making movies, shopping at Chrome Hearts and Opening Ceremony. You might find her indulging at Momofuku, or, she is spinning off those calories at Equinox while simultaneously doing homework.