OMFG I’m Puking In My Mouth. Right Now.

This post was inspired by a series of horrible statements that were plastered all over my facebook wall.  The topic? Fisting. Holy shit, I didn’t even really understand the concept until I started to do intense internet research.

Picture 4

Given my relative inexperience in the field of sex, I figured Wikipedia would be a good place to start. And it was.  The pictures, however, were absolutely frightening.

Picture 5

I used to respect Wiki, now I fear it.  But I guess the most interesting (and revealing) bit of research came when I probed deeper (no pun intended), and found a really helpful tutorial video.

And it gets even better… Finally, I asked google to tell me what it knows about fisting.  After all, google knows everything about everything.


So here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Fisting is for whores and gays
  • Search engines think fisting is a good topic
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  • That gaping circle on the graph reminds me of a post-fisted asshole! Hahahaha

  • Erin

    “It’s your f*cking box”
    “elbow grease”
    “bloody ass cunt”
    Wow. That’s a whole lot of info and the closest I got to fisiting was cleaning a pumpkin. Earlier today, I watched a instructional video on how to clean a pumpkin and I am having really weird thoughts.
    Fisting just seems so complicated kinda like the time I attempted making a beef wellington from scratch.

  • Erin

    I guess I’m a simple girl

  • margot

    the joke is i had to explain to girlfriends what this was. just thank kevin smith for creating chasing amy if you really want to get the goods on this ritual.

  • margot

    but why is good parenting next to anal fisting?

  • Harry Ween

    Because ya know what anal fisting and spinach have in common?
    If you’re exposed to it as a child, you probably wont like it as an adult.

  • The guy may state that this is not his thing BUT he sure know a TON about it!
    I think I just threw up…