Numero 28 – Two Thumbs UP

I was a former believer in the thought that NY Pizza is NY Pizza…  Then, Bryce & I happened upon Numero 28 smack in the middle of the E. Village action. The Nutella heart shaped pie displayed so lusciously in the window lured us in like Lindsay’s lured a chilled shot of Bartons.

Upon entrance, the beautifully decorated walls verge on the old school, authentic Italian classy decor with a ton of modern twists – most pieces picked up at auctions & estate sales in the area. Windows lining the ramp to the main floor encase knick-knacks with flair, while the wood beam ceilings lead your eye straight back to the main attraction: THE OVEN.


We were quickly bombarded by wheelbarrows filled to the brim with wood. Yes, firewood. Oak to be exact.  In NYC. TONS of it. All for THIS wood-burning oven , that would soon make our tastebuds dance with joy.  This oven crisps their one-of-a-kind dough, stretched in to an oblong shape to give an ease in sharing & even cooking, to procure a sensationally fresh-ingredient topped pie… served al metro – by the meter – just like you would find in Italy.

When you’re checking out the menu here on, don’t hesitate to gravitate, as I did, toward the Tartufo, topped with  mozzarella, mushrooms & truffle oil. Being a sucker for anything drizzled with truffle oil, this was a natural choice – but the crisp crust & bubbling cheese involved made our decision for who got the last piece seriously hard. we had to split it. It was either that or a deathmatch… but we weren’t really in the shoes for that.

Numero 28 – Pizzeria Napoletana – East Village
176 Second Avenue – New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-1555
And if you don’t frequent the E. Village – check out the Numero 28’s locations.

West Village 28 Carmine Street – New York, NY 10014 (212) 463-9653

SOHO – 196 Spring Street – New York, NY 10012 (212) 219-9020'
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