crazy wedding photos

Totally Ridiculous Wedding Photos

If its one word that comes to mind when I think of my own wedding, its ridiculous. People spend exorbitant amounts of time, money, and energy on their weddings, only to stress out about it so much that they end up with honeymoon hemorrhoids. I want my wedding to be super memorable, but whether it becomes so because it is touching and beautiful, or because a stripper popped out of the cake and perf... »

wedding ring

Relationship Spotting: A Wedding Ring That Ages With You

I often find myself conflicted about wedding rings. On one hand, I feel like they are kind of tacky. I don’t want one of my own one day because I constantly lose things that are important, and I feel like people believe that their rings symbolize their relationships. If you lose your wedding ring does that mean you don’t care about your relationship? On the other, there is definitely s... »

wedding ring holder

DIY Spotting: Picture Frame Wedding Ring Holder

Don’t you hate it when you set aside your wedding ring to wash dishes or give a handjob, and then you forget to put it back on and go about your day? Then, two hours later at the market some skeevy old man hits on you because he thinks you’re single, and you have to sleep with him because, lets face it, you were inadvertently advertising your single-dom for the world to see. Never happ... »

jumping off a cliff

Reasons Why You Should Never Marry Someone Who Won’t Jump Off A Cliff With you

For those of you who have been following my love life (If, in fact any of you are? Crickets?) I am no longer seeing the Englishman. I am now in the beginning stages of seeing a pretty awesome American (who makes up for the lack of accent by being genuinely bad-ass), and one of the things I like about him is that we have very similar views on life. We both believe that you are wasting your life if ... »

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