woman marries jesus

High School Teacher Marries Jesus Christ Himself

A 38-year-old woman threw a wedding for her marriage to Jesus Christ. I know it’s a thing in the Christian religion to say you are married to Jesus, but I always kind of thought that was supposed to be metaphorical. Jessica Hayes, a 38-year-old high school teacher from Indiana proved she has standards so high that no mortal man or woman could meet them, and threw an elaborate wedding for herself, ... »

weird russian wedding photos

Crazy Russian Wedding Photos

These crazy Russian wedding photos make Asia look downright sane. If you have ever read anything I’ve written, you know that my two favorite places to write about (at least when it comes to totally bat-shit random events and occurrences) are Russia and Asia. Today, Russia wins the battle with some of the craziest random wedding photography I think I have ever seen. That’s saying a lot consid... »

multiple weddings couple

Couple Gets Married 38 Times in 83 Days

Crazy couple takes a world tour and gets married multiple times, in multiple countries. For most people, getting married once is more than enough. We talk a lot about weddings here on The Luxury Spot, so obviously we have to cover it when we find out that a couple is having 38 weddings in a slew of different countries and locales. Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard (I feel sorry for their children ... »

bad theme weddings

How to Throw a Really Bad Theme Wedding

Directions on how to throw a really bad theme wedding. Step 1. Choose a reference that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Everybody loves a good theme wedding, right? Just kidding, actually, NOBODY loves a good theme wedding. The phrase ‘good theme wedding’ is actually an oxymoron, and when used sarcastically, refers to the tackiest, most white trash type of wedding you can possibly throw. ... »

woman marries herself

Houston Woman Marries Herself

A 40-year-old Houston woman is now happily married to herself. I don’t know if this is going to be a trend or just one crazy woman deciding to do something different, but Yasmin Eleby decided to make history by throwing a lavish wedding for herself. When she was younger, Yasmin told herself that if she wasn’t married by the time she was 40, she would throw a wedding anyway. She kept her promise th... »

cheap online bridesmaid dress

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Weddings are stressful enough without buying discount bridesmaid dresses online. We have all heard horror stories about buying cutesy looking clothes online from Asia, and then being shocked and amazed when the garments that arrive are small enough to fit an American Girl Doll. Bridal dresses are certainly no exception. I haven’t been to many weddings because I avoid straight people like the plagu... »

ugly celebrity wedding dresses

Ugliest Celebrity Wedding Dresses

A comprehensive list of horrible celebrity wedding dresses. Celine Dion She looks like she is dropping a deuce. Thank god she has an abundance of toilet paper hanging off her head. I am not one to talk, since I plan to get married in a white speedo with a see-through lace back, but it occurs to me that celebrities almost always choose the most hideous wedding gowns. I don’t know if it’s because th... »

skin baring wedding dresses

Are Skimpy Wedding Dresses Trashy or Tasteful?

Would God be okay with you wearing one of these skin-baring, skimpy wedding dresses? When it comes to fashion, I think we can all agree that there is a fine line between skimpy, and whorey. Most of time time when you think about wedding dresses, the word “whorey” doesn’t even come to mind. That is probably because I don’t think it’s a real word, but I digress. Brides come in all shapes and sizes, ... »

sponsored wedding

Sponsored Weddings: Tacky or Trendy?

Sponsored weddings are an easy way for broke people to throw expensive weddings. You know how Nascar drivers wear racing suits covered in the corporate logos of the companies who pay for middle Americans to get fat and watch high speed car crashes? Imagine if that was your wedding dress. Sponsored weddings happen when enterprising couples with decent social media followings decide to publicize and... »

Russian same sex wedding

Russian Authorities Forced to Allow Same Sex Wedding

Scandalized Russian bureaucrats were forced to allow two women to marry. Russian authorities were really pissed off, but trapped by their own discriminatory laws when they were forced to allow the same sex-marriage of Alina Davis and Allison Brooks. The loophole the two women used is that Alina Davis is a 23-year-old trans woman, so technically Russia still classifies her as male. They walked into... »

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