Drunken Munchkin Kittens

Drunken Munchkin Kittens

TweetMunchkin cats are a new breed short-legged cat, complete with drunken googley eyes. Arriving on the scene in the 1990s, short-legged munchkin cats have been stomping the runways of the world on tiny, stunted legs ever since. Munchkin cats are basically the cat equivalent of a dachshund, and even though they may suffer from back, hip, and leg problems, they make up for it in overall cuteness. ... »

extreme manscaping

Top 8 Examples of Extreme Manscaping

TweetExtreme manscaping is proof that men can have fun with hair removal, too. Is anyone else shocked by this? The costume department from “Clueless” called; they want their skirt back. In this day and age, I think it is important for men to manscape. Normally a little back hair trim and a Venus razor to the balls is all I really require of my gentleman suitors, but I am well aware tha... »

panda dogs

Panda Dogs: Cutesy or Cruelty?

TweetDamn, it China, you always give me something good to write about. In animal abuse news, the latest must-have pet accessory are panda dogs. Hsin Ch’en, a pet store owner in Chengdu city actually said the following: ‘Ten years ago the natural instinct of a Chinese person was to eat a dog. Now we are like westerners and want one as a companion.’ The jokes just write themselves. Ch’en said it onl... »

fish walker

How to Take Your Fish For a Walk

TweetAs everyone knows, your pet fish (provided that it is still alive) often gets bored. Fish boredom is an epidemic that has existed since the dawn of church carnivals, and I say it is high time someone did something about it. Thankfully, someone invented the aquatic perambulator, or fish walker. Nicknamed the aquatic pram, the device was invented by Mike Warren-Madden seven years ago as a means... »

bunnies eating cherries

Happy Early Easter: Bunnies Eating Cherries

TweetI know Easter isn’t for a few days, but I thought these photos might take a while to digest (no pun intended), so I decided to post them early. At first glance you might think these bunnies are bloodthirsty, monstrous beasts ready to take off someone’s finger at any second. Then, when you realize they are just eating cherries it kind of becomes adorable, right? Right? No? Happy Easter anyway,... »

worlds smallest animals

Top Five Smallest Animals in the World

TweetIn most cases, I really love small things. I like small teacups, waists, children, and cars. I do not like small blankets, apartments, portion sizes, and penises, but I do firmly believe you can learn to love anything. I recently discovered the top five smallest animals in the world, and thought they were so adorable that I had to share them. The Brookesia Minima from Madagascar is the world&... »

extreme selfies

Five Extreme Selfies You Shouldn’t Try At Home

TweetI will admit it, I am not that good at taking selfies. You might find that surprising since I am so devilishly handsome, but I am actually not that photogenic, and I have short arms like a tyrannosaurus rex. You should also probably steer clear of my pores for fear of being sucked in and assimilated into my body like a fucking angler fish. Some people are experts at selfies, though. The peopl... »

awkward relationship photography

The Most Awkward Relationship Photography of All Time

TweetDear Sears, Eat a dick. Love, Gary. I have a love-hate relationship with department store-style photography because on one hand, there is basically nothing (besides glamour shots) that can create a more trashy memory (see Exhibit: A) Exhibit: A On the other hand, department store photography has given us some of the most entertaining photos ever to grace The Internet. All I know is, if you wa... »

werewolf cat

Introducing the Werewolf Cat

TweetI am not a cat person by any stretch of the imagination. This werewolf cat is so awesome however, I might just make an exception. Originating in Tennessee (of course), the ‘Lykoi’ cat breed looks like a werewolf, and behaves more like a dog than a cat. The ‘Lykoi’ cats are a new breed, created with a natural genetic mutation that leaves their eyes, nose, ears, and muzzle hairless, so they bas... »


Want the Perfect Pet? Try a Dogbird

TweetI am a total dog person. The reason I refer to myself that way is because I basically hate every other type of animal, save for miniature piglets, and horses, if you know what I mean. Birds are probably the animal I loathe the most because I don’t really understand the point of keeping them caged up when they have fucking wings protruding from their backs. Birds were meant to fly, so it... »

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