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12 Reasons Why Indian Penis is the Best

12 Reasons Why Indian Penis is the Best

TweetIf you have never tried an Indian penis, now is a good a time as any.   You may not know this about me (since most people assume I am Hispanic, or white with a really good tan), but I am 25% Indian. And by Indian, I mean that my bloodline derives from India, not that my ancestors inspired the movie Dancing with Wolves. I can’t rightly say that being part Indian has given me any huge adva... »

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How to Have Anal Sex Without Pain

TweetOur guide on how to have anal sex without pain will please you, guaranteed. Let me be frank, I have had anal sex hundreds of times. In my mind, anal sex is the best because of the intimacy it creates with otherwise random people. The only problem is that anal often comes with a good amount of pain, since you are inserting a dick where no dick was technically meant to go, if you follow the nat... »

greek dicks

Greek Dick is Better Than Baklava, Here’s Why

TweetIf you have never experienced Greek dick, now is the time to give it a try. Anyone who has ever been on Pinterest knows how beautiful Greece is. From the crisp white walls of Santorini to the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, even Helen Keller could tell you that Greece is gorgeous. There is also a stereotype out there that Greek men are gorgeous too, which is definitely true if you don’t mind flo... »

average dick size

What Normal Dick Size is to Gay Men

TweetNormal dick size is entirely subjective, especially in the gay world. In case you didn’t know, I am a gay man. I am also pretty good looking, and I take care of my body, so naturally I have seen my share of dicks (unfortunately that’s all it really takes in gay society). I have seen dicks large and small, thick and thin, straight and curved, in every color on the penis spectrum. If I ask myse... »

malay dick

Why I Love Malay Dick

TweetAccording to one working mom, Malay dick is the only dick worth a damn. [ via ] By all accounts, Stephanie O. had a pretty normal childhood. She was heavily involved in the church, liked to read, and loved to play with the neighborhood kids down the block. Then, puberty hit. Stephanie started to have strange urges towards the opposite sex. It wasn’t until she was in her first relationship wit... »

sell sex online

How to Sell Sex Online the Legal Way

TweetHow to sell sex online the legal way, in case you need the cash to fund your lifestyle. Before we start this shitshow, lets be honest about something. All sex is transactional. It doesn’t matter if you are giving up your religion to offer your vagina to your high school boyfriend behind a Chuck E. Cheese, giving of your emotions to sleep with someone you’ve loved for a long time, or literally... »

adult babies

An Adult Baby Fetish Store Opens in Illinois

Adult baby fetishes. »

fertility switch

A Fertility Switch That Turns Your Sperm Off?

A fertility switch for men. »

x rated historical facts

X-Rated and Gross Historical Facts

TweetThese gross historical facts will liven up your day at the office. If you really stop to think about it, no matter what era we live in, there have always been murderers, whores, perverts, and sex. I kind of feel like it was just better hidden back in the day, if even for the simple fact that it couldn’t be recorded. Probably because there was no internet to expose everyone and everything, but... »

hot male body parts

Five Hottest Male Body Parts Ranked by Women

TweetAccording to surveyed women, these are the hottest male body parts. I know what you’re thinking; if I have to rank the hottest male body parts, the first three are going to be penis. So in order to stop me from just repeating the word penis over and over again, lets take dick out of the equation. When it comes to the male anatomy, I think women and men probably have different ideas on what co... »

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