gay cholo boys

10 Benefits of Dating Gay Cholo Boys

TweetGay cholo boys are the hottest new trend in homos. Just like the rainbow that represents us, gay guys come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Gay cholo boys are a very small subsection of gay culture, but all you have to do is Google it (or watch some gay prison porn) to know that they do, in fact, exist. A “cholo” is described as a Latin American with Indian blood, a lower-class M... »

average dick size

What Normal Dick Size is to Gay Men

TweetNormal dick size is entirely subjective, especially in the gay world. In case you didn’t know, I am a gay man. I am also pretty good looking, and I take care of my body, so naturally I have seen my share of dicks (unfortunately that’s all it really takes in gay society). I have seen dicks large and small, thick and thin, straight and curved, in every color on the penis spectrum. If I ask myse... »

Eddie Sotomayor Turned Out to be My Real Life Hero

Eddie Sotomayor Turned Out to be My Real Life Hero

TweetEddie Sotomayor was a real life friend and hero– not just another name on the list of Orlando’s tragic casualties. The first thing I thought when I heard that my friend, Eddie Sotomayor, was one of the casualties of yesterday’s heartbreaking massacre of LGBT people was simply that he was ‘one of us.’ I don’t mean that he was gay, or that he was from Florida, I mean that he was one... »

technology addiction

Is Technology Addiction a Real Thing?

Technology addiction. »

the breakup shop

The Breakup Shop Will End Your Relationship For You

TweetThe Breakup Shop is a website that will break up with your partner for you. The old adage that ‘breaking up is hard to do’ has held true for a reason. I remember in my last breakup, I said my piece, then he convinced me to hang out with him one last time, then I left, which was totally awkward and no fun for anyone. There is literally no good way to break up with someone. The Breakup Shop aim... »

zodiac dating

A Breakdown of Dating Each Zodiac Sign

TweetEvery Zodiac sign is different, especially when it comes to dating. Not everybody believes in astrology, but I find it to be a very useful tool. I believe knowledge is power, so every time I start dating another poor, unsuspecting soul, one of the first things I do is check out our compatibility via our astrological charts. Believe it or not, doing this can gain you some helpful insights on h... »

Weird Things Gay Couples Do

TweetThis video highlights all the funny things gay couples do when nobody else is around. I have been in enough gay relationships to know that sometimes they are kind of strange. Once you get past the awesomeness of doubling your wardrobe, living with someone who wants sex as much as you do, and Instagramming couples photos of you picking apple in the fall just to make all your old club-friends j... »

rose dan destefano

Proof That Love and Drugs are Basically the Same

TweetLove and Drugs: If you have ever been in love, you know that most of time it feels like being on drugs. Have you ever heard someone refer to being in love as a high? Of course you have. That’s because when you are in love, it feels like you are stoned on something extra good. Everything makes you happy, even unhappy things like sad, bald, orphan children, that animal abuse commercial starring... »

shocking sex facts

8 Sex Facts That Will Shock You

TweetStrange sex facts that you probably don’t know. I like to think I know a lot about sex, but every once in a while I am hit with some new information that shocks me, because: Internet. Even though I have had my share of sex, there are still a lot of things I don’t know, like how it is physically possible to fit an entire fist up your ass, and why people seem to find Zooey Deschanel attractive.... »


Myths About Lying

TweetMyths about lying: it’s time to understand the facts and fictions behind fibbing. I am not a liar. Of course, if I was, that would definitely have been a lie. In my every day life I do my damndest not to lie, and most of the time if I do, I find a way to make it true  to balance out the universe. I realized a long time ago that lying takes way more energy than telling the truth. It bogg... »

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