promise land gay book

Finally, a Gay Fairy Tale for Children

A gay children's book. »

classic book parodies

Classic Children’s Books Get a Hilarious Update

Classic book parodies. »

bad ebook covers

The Worst Ebook Art on The Internet

Bad ebook art. »

one book bookstore

Japanese Bookstore Only Has One Book At a Time

TweetThere’s a single book bookstore in Japan that only stocks one at a time. I know I’ve been writing a lot about bookstores lately, but that’s because they are basically going to be obsolete in a few years, and I love the smell of them, so if I don’t at least do my part to remind people they exist (as more than just a place to meet educated single people in the 90s), I will never be able t... »

unique bookstores

Five Unusual Bookstores to Visit

TweetThese unusual bookstores are worth a visit even if you don’t read. But you should read, okay? Saraiva Bookstore in Rio De Janeiro features a rainbow made out of books that wraps around the top, which is both visually stimulating and totally gay-friendly. Reading and romance are one in the same– sure, you can find your love on the internet and spend hours glancing at him or her, but aren... »

phone sex operators

The Real Faces of Sex Phone Operators

TweetDiscover what phone sex operators really look like. I had a friend who moonlit as a phone sex operator in college. I remember we used to sit in her dorm room while she talked to random men on her LANDLINE and try to make her laugh. It wasn’t hard, by the way (no pun intended). With the rise of the Internet, phone sex lines have become a lot less popular, and yet every time I watch late night ... »

mens nipple magazine

Nipple Magazine Dedicated to Male Nipples in Japan

TweetThis strange Japanese magazine is dedicated to the ‘mipple’. Because you were probably searching for a nipple magazine, right? I know the word ‘mipple’ is kind of strange, but the fact that men have nipples at all is kind of strange, so bear with me. In Japan, the land of strange and unusual sexual trends, there is a nipple magazine filled with photos of mens nipples. The magazine is a dojins... »

book of yeezus

The Book of Yeezus: We Knew It’d Come Eventually

TweetThe Book of Yeezus is a coffee table book that has replaced mentions of the word ‘God’ in the bible with the word ‘Kanye’. Everybody that is Kanye West knows without a shadow of a doubt that Kanye West is the greatest thing to happen to mankind since Jesus landed in his spaceship or whatever and turned water into vodka. Everybody that isn’t Kanye West knows that Kanye West is the douchiest th... »

Mister Unicorn: Why Unicorns Drink

TweetThe Mister Unicorn book series sheds light on the less glamorous sides of being a unicorn. His daughter is showing early signs of being a slutty whore. Have you ever wondered what unicorns would actually be like if they weren’t fantasy creatures? Chances are, they would be just like us. They would get arrested, deal with family problems by drinking, and turn out exactly like their parents. Th... »

3 Must-See Bookstores in Paris

TweetIf you want to make the most out of your stay, you have to check out these bookstores in Paris. These three librairies in Paris are full of character and charm, and will leave you feeling even more enchanted by the City of Light: Shakespeare and Company Shakespeare and Company is an absolute must for any book lover who finds themselves in Paris. The English-literature bookstore, founded by an... »

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