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Polar Express Train Ride in Upstate NY

TweetLooking to take your kids on a real Polar Express train ride? Hop aboard in upstate New York, where the [...]

Looking to take your kids on a real Polar Express train ride? Hop aboard in upstate New York, where the Saratoga area is offering a super fun Polar Express train ride experience for entire families. The Saratoga & North Creek Railway will begin service to the North Pole onboard THE POLAR EXPRESS Train Ride starting at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 14, 2014.  The magical story comes to life when the trai... More...

By • Nov 13th, 2014 • Category: FAMILY, Parenting

Awesome Spotting: Men With Fancy Lady Hair

Writer Jessica Saia of the Bold Italic took 8 brave men to the hair salon to get “fancy lady hair.” The results are hilarious!

Does your dude have long hair? Have you always wondered why he’s so lazy with it and continues to throw it up in a stupid low ponytail? Well, thank God for writer Jessica Saia of the Bold Italic. She, like any smart, well-kempt woman, recognized that guys with long locks need some hair love too. I mean, after all, why shouldn’t they experience the joy of getting an intricate prom updo... More...

By • Aug 26th, 2013 • Category: BEAUTY, Hair

This Couch Turns Into A Full On Punching Bag

Couch potatoes will totes love this punching bag sofa!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at home, the living room is definitely the area of the house I frequent the most. I love my couch. I’m always all up on it, whether it be answering emails, writing this blog post or watching some Full House while I attempt to work (that doesn’t usually work out, BTW). When I get mad though, man it sure would be nice to punch the shit out ... More...

By • Aug 21st, 2013 • Category: Decor, HOME AND REAL ESTATE, Interiors

Style Spotting: Wearable Drinking Glass Rings

Because nothing says, “I’m a classy betch” quite like a drinking glass ring.

First came Cynthia Rowley’s super chic flask bangle, and now all you classy betches can get excited for another piece of boozy jewelry: wearable drinking glass rings! That’s right. Part of Remy Martin’s “Seduction Series,” these miniature drinking glasses were designed by Merve Kahraman as a way for all the fancy folk at private events to taste test a wide variety of b... More...

By • Aug 19th, 2013 • Category: Alcohol, FASHION, FOOD AND TRAVEL, Shoes and Accessories

Style Spotting: Couture Dresses Made From Magnets!

Our attraction to these haute couture magnetic dresses is undeniable!

Blame the magnets, but we just couldn’t help but be attracted to these intricate dresses! The brainchild of  fashion designer Iris van Herpen (who’s worked with Lady Gaga) and product designer Jolan Van Der Wiel, the dresses are inspired by nature, and yes, in fact brought to life thanks to the power of magnets. ”I was interested in making invisible forces visible,” expl... More...

By • Aug 14th, 2013 • Category: Dresses, FASHION

Style Spotting: The Top 7 Craziest Hats

From ice cream cones to cigarettes, these hats will make you go, “WTF!”

Are you simply fed up with rocking the same hipster fedora day in and day out? Do your friends constantly nag you about buying some new headwear? Or are you just desperately seeking attention? If any of these sounds like you, well, you’ve come to the right place. These hats are so out of the box we guarantee you no one will be questioning your creativity anymore. Maybe your sanity, but hey, Lady... More...

By • Aug 12th, 2013 • Category: FASHION, Food, FOOD AND TRAVEL, Shoes and Accessories

Tacky Couches That Will Totally Creep You Out

Which one of these couches would freak you out the most???

Isn’t it always super awk when you go over to a friend’s house for the first time only to discover that they have the weirdest taste in furniture ever? I’m talking tacky tiger couches and seriously scary sofas that look like they were made out of real human blood and guts. You can’t stop staring, and you want to say something, but you also don’t want to hurt any feel... More...

By • Aug 7th, 2013 • Category: Decor, HOME AND REAL ESTATE, Interiors

Style Spotting: Shark Week Fashion

Get seriously into the spirit of Shark Week with these killer clothes!

In case you’ve been living under a rock in the middle of the ocean, it’s officially Shark Week. YES! A week dedicated to all things sharks, because honestly, who doesn’t love Jaws? I know I love Jaws, I just hope he doesn’t eat me up while I’m vacationing at the beach this week. That would really put a big damper on my trip, don’t ya think? Eek. So anyway, in hono... More...

By • Aug 5th, 2013 • Category: FASHION

Style Spotting: Shoes That Turn Into A Full-On Human Tent

These crazy kicks allow you to take shelter no matter where you are!

I’ve definitely featured some pretty wacky shoes on The Luxury Spot before, but I have to say, these Walking-Shelter Sneakers might just be the craziest pair I’ve ever come across! Brought to life by Australian design collective, SIBLING, they feature a full-on human tent tucked neatly inside net pockets within the shoe. No, this is not a joke…this is true life people! So basically, when... More...

By • Jul 31st, 2013 • Category: FASHION, HOME AND REAL ESTATE, Shoes and Accessories

Awesome Spotting: Lose Weight Instantly With A Skinny Mirror

Would you ever buy a true Skinny Mirror???

Skinny mirrors are quite possibly one of my favorite things in life. If you’re a girl and don’t know what a “skinny mirror” is by now, well, I pity you my friend. I could just stare and stare at my slender reflection in a skinny mirror staring back at me for hours on end, my confidence shooting through the roof. While I typically have to adjust my normal full-length mirror by t... More...

By • Jul 29th, 2013 • Category: BEAUTY, Decor, FASHION, HOME AND REAL ESTATE