Music Spotting: As Tears Go By'
Written by Casey

Marianne Faithful before the catastrophe

Infamous Stone’s girlfriend, blonde bombshell, inspiration for the song “She’s Like A Rainbow”, the girlfriend if 1960s classic rock band is the beautiful and talented Marianne Faithfull. Have you ever noticed that her name sounds like Very Unfaithful? – Just a thought!

Faithfull’s involvement with Mick Jagger’s influenced some of the Rolling Stones’ best known songs including “Sympathy for the Devil,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” “Wild Horses” and “I Got the Blues” Also according to Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash his song Carrie Anne by The Hollies is about her, as well as The Beatles 1966 song “And Your Bird Can Sing.”

This old video shot in 1965 (prior to her drug overdoes, anorexia, and suicide scare, and custody battle,) Ms. Faithfull performs the gorgeous song As Tears Goes By flawlessly here.

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