Monetize Your Hangnails

While you were clipping and discarding your nails out of hygienic necessity, Rachel Case was collecting hers (and presumably, other people’s) and creating overpriced paperweights and jewelry with them.

Case uses “human ivory”, which is artsy-speak for nail clippings, for most of her creations; but she doesn’t limit herself to one medium. She has plenty of affordable bellybutton lint dolls available, as well!

Some of her shit is actually pretty cool, like this $30 human ivory ring… but I have to ask where the f*ck one might acquire extraneous hangnails. And bellybutton lint actually exists? I was under the impression that bellybutton lint was an urban legend, like Bonsai Kittens or Lady GaGa being a hermaphrodite. If you’re showering on a regular basis and there’s still shit in your bellybutton afterward, you might want to make sure it’s not mold. Just sayin’.'
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