Margaret Durot’s Black & White Photography'
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Margaret Durot’s Black and White Photography

Who says that the best art is kept hidden away behind glass at the Met, MOMA, the Lourve, and some of the world’s famous museums? Twenty four year old Margaret Durot proves that talented photographers are everywhere. Durow hopes that her photographs trasnecens a sense of how she feels in addition to making the audience feel something for themselves.

“There is a strong mythological element in Durow’s work. Perhaps because it makes reference to a central theme that runsthrough the human condition: the individual and his or her place in the world. The isolated realm of reflection where it is possible to communicate with an excessive, but peaceable, nature in which the Universe is in tune with itself in the endeavour to decipher the self and reality. In an evocation of Romanticism, the solitude of the human being confronts the magnitude of vast spaces, as if we were before a massive mirror that reflects back the very depths of our being, which shelters the atom that, in turn, like Aleph, contains the entire Universe.”
Devora Ran Issue 4, 2010

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