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Magnetic Lingerie Lets Him Rip Your Panties Off (without ripping your panties)

By • Dec 21st, 2010 • Category: FASHION, Lingerie

Ladies, we all want two things:

  1. Someone to rip our clothes off like a horny cave man with rabies
  2. And our expensive lingerie to stay in tact during this ripping-with-teeth process

Behold! Magnetic lingerie with little side snaps that will protect you from the inevitable tears and damage done to non-magnetic lingerie. You can go ahead and get wild in these little numbers for around $100.

Available in only France [ here ]… boo.

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  • virtualzzzz

    If in NYC this week, head to Bendels and catch YosefH !! It’s fashion forward !!

  • samir

    Do they have this for men?

    Also is it TSA friendly? I don’t want to get stuck to the fully body scanners.

  • lewcifer