Long Fingers Make for Sluttier Girls

Written by Bryce

How long is your finger, baby?

Did you know that women with longer ring fingers are more sloot-tastic than short-fingered women?

Thanks to the promiscuous cavemen, scientists have now given high school boys a reason to pay extra attention to the length of high school girls’ ring fingers. According to a study out of Liverpool University, sexual promiscuity in primates and Neanderthals can be directly linked to the length of their digits.

Increased levels of testosterone cause the first and fourth fingers to grow while in the womb. They also cause a more aggressive sexual appetite, leading those with long fingers to be sexually promiscuous (and, as it would seem, slightly advantaged). [ via ]

Personally, I’d like to see what happens when a long-fingered girl gets some beer in her system, because it’s pretty clear that beer-drinking girls are sluttier, too. I also wonder if women with long ring fingers are more likely to have their rings “slip off” a few years into marriage.

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