Link Love: The Pinterest Generation Edition

Pizza Lunchables still exist, and other reasons to hate cooking [Funny not Slutty]

Confessions of a P90X Drop Out [Beauty Sweet Spot]

4th of July Exploding Chocolate Covered Strawberries? Yes. [Endless Beauty]

Check out pics of 80s rockers then (totally hip) and now (wholesome/washed up) [iVillage]

Seating charts are so pre-Pinterest [BRIDEfinds]

Feast on some Narsipan with Thakoon for Nars nail polish [Beauty Blogging Junkie]

What guys really think about leggings and makeup [Real Beauty]

How to wear winter clothes in summer? Oh yes, she went there [Kimmy Erin]'
Emily is a New Yorker trapped in a Floridian's body and loves every minute of her big city life. With a major in international business and years of being surrounded by ill-fitting suits and all the wrong shoes, she learned that the importance of fashion needs to be communicated to the world. To her, fashion is on the same level as charity work and feeding hungry children. Emily can be found frolicking the streets of her gayborhood enjoying the off-color humor of the gays.