Last Minute Halloween Costumes, Starring Divado

Any long-time reader knows, I’m The Luxury Spot’s go-to big hair girl. Most of you are familiar with Bumpits by now, but I’ve come across an even bigger way to do big hair. Ladies and gentleladies, Divado Hair Inserts.


Much like Bumpits and Hairpoufs, Divado hair inserts come in all colors to blend with whatever hue you’re working with. The rubber insert looks slightly more intimidating than smaller hair inserts, but delivers the same voluminous results. In honor of Halloween, here are some last minute costumes that require the perfect bouffant.


Elvira, Mistress of the Dark: Just rip up your least-favorite LBD, pick up some black press on nails, and you’re good to go.


Peggy Bundy: My halloween inspiration of 2008. Pair your hair with something leopard and red lipstick.


Dolly Parton: Huge boobs and rodeo gear required.

And hell, if Halloween is a religious experience for you, wear the Divado hair insert on top of your head and go as a Rabbi!


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