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Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Pics? Yup, Here’s How.

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Pics? Yup, Here’s How.

TweetIf you’re sitting there wondering “who stalks my Instagram?” read on, because there’s an easy way to tell. Instagram is still one of the most popular social networks, and for good reason — the mostly visual content is fun, easy to sift through and requires little understanding of any particular language or even time. It’s basically the perfect storm for eng... »

brownies for the homeless

A Student Donates a Lifetime Supply of Brownies to a Homeless Shelter

Brownies for the homeless! »

thigh gap jewelry

Thigh Gap Jewelry, Because WTF?

Thigh gap jewelry. »

10k for an Instagram? Why ‘Imposter Influencers’ Need to Go.

10k for an Instagram? Why ‘Imposter Influencers’ Need to Go.

TweetThere’s an epidemic of ‘social media influencers’ who have built themselves on almost entirely fake followings… and yes, I’m coining the term ‘imposter influencers’ because they have just as much value as the cheap perfumes you saw at the drugstore in the 90s. I recognize that what I’m about to outline here is sure to ruffle a lot of feathers. T... »

kardashian instagrams

Proof That Kardashian Instagrams Are Ridiculous

Ridiculous Kardashian Instagrams. »

museum snapchats

Awesome Museum Snapchats

Hilarious museum snapchats. »

oregon militia gay fan fiction

Oregon Militia Homoerotic Fan-Fiction

TweetCelebrate the Oregon militia occupation with some gay Twitter fan-fiction. I don’t know much about the Oregon militia situation, mostly because it hasn’t really been blasting my Facebook feed. A lot of people say that if it wasn’t a bunch of white guys occupying a building, national media would be covering it, but I really have no idea. I’m not even all that white myself. All I know is ... »

instagram photo truths

The Truth Behind Perfect Instagram Pics

TweetA new photography series reveals the truth behind perfect Instagram pictures. Unless your head is shoved up your own (or Kylie Jenner’s) ass, you have probably realized by now that Instagram doesn’t really paint an accurate portrait of a persons life. All social media, since it is controlled by the user, is designed to allow people to curate the image of themselves that they present to the wo... »

instagram models

4 Models Scouted Off Instagram

TweetInstgram is the newest place to scout and recruit fashion models. The sum of all my modeling experience includes going to a Barbizon convention when I was a kid, and getting mad at my mom for not having enough money to pay for my 2 year associates degree in ‘walking taller and eating less’. Nowadays though, it seems like models are getting discovered everywhere. With the advent of social medi... »

Men In Makeup To Support Cancer Research

Men In Makeup To Support Cancer Research

TweetSomething rare has happened with social media recently — it’s been used for good. A viral selfie with the hashtag #NoMakeupSelfie started to trend in the U.K. and it led to raising £1million ($1,379,400 USD at current exchange rate) for Breast Cancer research. The best part? It was completely unplanned. Why stop there? READ MORE: WRINKLE FREE FOOD Image: via A new social campaign ... »

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