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You Need to Try Mexican Penis if You Haven’t Already

TweetMexican penis is even better than tacos. As a gay man, I would like to proudly state that I have tried (or plan to try) pretty much every color, ethnicity, and nationality of penis on the global menu of penisry. And yes, I am aware that penisry probably isn’t a word, but I mentioned that I am gay, and making up words is one of our favorite pastimes (ex: hunty, yass, fierce), second only to ex... »

12 Reasons Why Indian Penis is the Best

12 Reasons Why Indian Penis is the Best

TweetIf you have never tried an Indian penis, now is a good a time as any.   You may not know this about me (since most people assume I am Hispanic, or white with a really good tan), but I am 25% Indian. And by Indian, I mean that my bloodline derives from India, not that my ancestors inspired the movie Dancing with Wolves. I can’t rightly say that being part Indian has given me any huge adva... »

italian penis

Why Italian Penis is the Best

TweetWhy Italian penis is the best IMO. If you ask most people about their experience with Italian penis, they will probably have the same opinion as Urban Dictionary, which is to say that Italian dicks are humongous and life-changing. See the following evidence: My own personal experiences with Italian penis have been pretty much the same, although I will say that Americanized Italian dicks tend ... »

bachelorette party penis games

10 Penis Games Perfect for Bachelorette Parties

TweetThe best penis games for bachelorette parties, backed by science (we think). Pecker Pinata To any straight girl, a bachelorette party is a time to let loose, escape from the kids, and help your bestie celebrate a life-changing event. To gay guys, it’s an annoying party full of annoying girls who insist on doing annoying things in gay bars. There is one common denominator to both straight girl... »

accidental penis

20 Things That Resemble a Huge White Dick

TweetIf you are really observant, you can find a huge white dick almost everywhere. Next time maybe say ‘hold the cream’? I don’t know if it’s because I’m really, really gay, or just have a discerning eye for all things penis, but I see dicks everywhere. Call it a sixth sense. Maybe its because we live in a phallus-obsessed patriarchal society, but if you take a good long look, chances... »

pencil dick

The Pros and the Cons of Pencil Dick

TweetPencil dick is a real thing, here’s how to handle it. In six years of Internet writing, never has a more important social issue come across my desk (no pun intended) than that of pencil dick. I know that there are a lot of horrible things going on in the world right now, but I beg you to stop, collaborate, and listen to the topic I am about to explore, because it is pertinent information for ... »

malay dick

Why I Love Malay Dick

TweetAccording to one working mom, Malay dick is the only dick worth a damn. [ via ] By all accounts, Stephanie O. had a pretty normal childhood. She was heavily involved in the church, liked to read, and loved to play with the neighborhood kids down the block. Then, puberty hit. Stephanie started to have strange urges towards the opposite sex. It wasn’t until she was in her first relationship wit... »

jared leto penis

Jared Leto Has a Defamatory Penis

TweetJared Leto’s penis size is again causing an internet uproar. If you are a gay man, a girl, or someone with a reliable internet connection, chances are you have seen photos of Jared Leto’s dick. While the photos always show him clothed and his dick looks more like a huge blue sparkly DILD than an actual human sex organ, we have to safely assume that his penis is indeed, that large, because any... »

smallest penis in brooklyn

Photos of The Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Contest

TweetPhotos from the 2014 Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant. I am no stranger to crazy events held in tiny bars in Brooklyn, but I can honestly say I have never been to the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant. The second annual event drew a crazy crowd at Kings Bar in Bushwick, focusing on awarding the guy with the smallest dick a glitter encrusted penis crown. A New Delhi native/advertiser named ... »

HBO Should Show More Dongs

TweetIsn’t it high time HBO showed as many dongs as it does breasts? I am of the opinion that we are ass-backwards when it comes to nudity in America. It seems to me like the people of other countries have a much healthier attitude when it comes to body issues and self esteem because they are raised to accept nudity instead of shunning it. This double standard that forces women to cover their tits... »

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