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pencil dick

The Pros and the Cons of Pencil Dick

TweetPencil dick is a real thing, here’s how to handle it. In six years of Internet writing, never has a more important social issue come across my desk (no pun intended) than that of pencil dick. I know that there are a lot of horrible things going on in the world right now, but I beg you to stop, collaborate, and listen to the topic I am about to explore, because it is pertinent information for ... »

average dick size

What Normal Dick Size is to Gay Men

TweetNormal dick size is entirely subjective, especially in the gay world. In case you didn’t know, I am a gay man. I am also pretty good looking, and I take care of my body, so naturally I have seen my share of dicks (unfortunately that’s all it really takes in gay society). I have seen dicks large and small, thick and thin, straight and curved, in every color on the penis spectrum. If I ask myse... »

smallest penis in brooklyn

Photos of The Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Contest

TweetPhotos from the 2014 Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant. I am no stranger to crazy events held in tiny bars in Brooklyn, but I can honestly say I have never been to the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant. The second annual event drew a crazy crowd at Kings Bar in Bushwick, focusing on awarding the guy with the smallest dick a glitter encrusted penis crown. A New Delhi native/advertiser named ... »

penis reduction surgery

World’s First Penis Reduction Surgery

TweetA 17-year-old just received the world’s first ever penis reduction surgery. Penises everywhere just receded into their shells at this news. A 17-year-old American boy just underwent the first recorded penis reduction surgery. When soft, his penis was almost 7 inches in length, (nothing to write home about) but was 10 inches in circumference, which, as anyone who has ever taken a dick knows, i... »

small penis

PETA Says Eating Chicken Wings Will Shrink Your Unborn Son’s Penis

TweetIn their never-ending campaign to get people to stop eating meat, PETA has done everything from throw buckets of blood on fur coats to run ad campaigns of naked celebrities with their whiny-gineys covered in lettuce. PETA’s latest desperate attempt to spread the word involves publicly alleging at the National Buffalo Wings Festival that eating chicken wings while pregnant may reduce the... »

dick diary

A 99-Page Dick Diary, Brought to You From Australia

TweetWould you read a dick diary? If your boyfriend offered to write you a comprehensive manual on the ins and outs of him, including graphic details about how to please his penis, would you read it? Honestly, I probably would. I think being completely honest about who you are, and what makes you happy could potentially take a lot of guess-work out of getting involved with someone. That being said... »

condomania penis size by state

A Breakdown of American Penis Sizes, by State and City

TweetI guess that everything isn’t always bigger in Texas. In fact, Texas finishes in 20th place when it comes to penis size in US cities, which leads me to believe that when they call them cowboys, they really do mean boys. So, here is the breakdown of American Penis Sizes: Six years ago, Condomania began marketing TheyFit condoms, which come in 76 different sizes. What followed was a study... »

Rant of the Week: Penis Sizing up the competition by Ethnicity

Rant of the Week: Penis Sizing up the competition by Ethnicity

Tweet I don’t really consider myself to be a size queen (if you are reading this site I assume you have met a gay man in your travels at one point, and know that a size queen refers to someone who only likes well endowed men) but in the 27 ‘cough’ years that I have been alive I have seen a decent amount of dicks. Big, medium sized, small, and and oddly shaped dicks of varying eth... »

Penis Size Across Europe

Penis Size Across Europe

Does your foreign lover measure up? »

Quote Of The Day: Men Are Like Snowstorms…

Quote Of The Day: Men Are Like Snowstorms…

You never know when he's coming... how many inches you'll get... and how long he will last! »

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