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hard news by baby animals

Hard News Still Sucks, Even When Delivered by Baby Animals

Hard news delivered by baby animals. »

funny wet animals

Wet Animals are Both Hideous and Hilarious, FYI

Some animals are hideous when wet. »

celebrity fan art photoshop

Celebrities Photoshopped Into Fan Art

Photoshop fan art. »

tall people problems

The Struggle is Real for Tall People

#Tallpeopleproblems. »

camouflage people

People Who Accidentally Wore Camouflage

People that blend into their surroundings. »

disney mashups

What If Disney Characters Switched Faces?

Disney character mashups. »

museum snapchats

Awesome Museum Snapchats

Hilarious museum snapchats. »

sign fails

This is Why Letter Spacing is Important

Sign fails. »

giant dogs

The Giant Dog Epidemic

TweetThese perfectly timed photos make for some humongous looking dogs. I admit that the title of this post may be a little misleading, but if you get a little creative, technically the internet is being bombarded by photos of giant-looking dogs, so in that way it is an epidemic. They say bigger is always better, but for anyone who has ever seen Cujo, you know it isn’t always true. Personally, I l... »

accidental penises

Five Accidental Penises

TweetAccidental penises: because penises are even more fun when they’re unintentional. I’m sure this isn’t the first time this news anchor has had a penis on her chest. It may be a gay cliché, but I do enjoy a good penis. Aside from the lesbians in my life (of which there are like two), I don’t know many people that don’t enjoy a good penis. Even straight guys will admit it when ... »

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