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Jewelry that Spreads Oral Herpes (possibly)

By • Feb 28th, 2010 • Category: FASHION, Jewelry

Tonight’s find from FadMashion? Jewelry that’s been in someone’s mouth.  And you don’t know what mouth the jewelry was crafted from, so there’s a good chance the original wearer (or chewer) had oral herpes, strep throat, or was just a total oral whore.


To be fair, the $300 retail price for this Kiel Mead design is far less than the price of a retainer from your local orthodontist.  You’ll just have to hope it fits.

Other classy designs by this Brooklyn “creative” include this drillbit necklace for $100.  It’s the ideal gift for a lady you just want to drill.


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  • Jared

    WTF! Seriously?!?