In Case You Missed It: Mariah (Finally) Gives Birth

Poor Mariah. Just when she had a shot at being relevant for five minutes, Prince William got hitched and the leader of al-Qaeda was assassinated. Just like that, the pop singer’s birth announcement Tweet was buried quicker than bin Laden.

She announced via Twitter that she’d release the names of her “lambs” (?) eight hours ago, but so far the word is mum. She did give us a hint, though: the baby names both start with the letter “M.” Wouldn’t be surprised if they were both named “Mariah.” I still remember your mental breakdown and your participation in Glitter, girl. That kind of cray-cray is not soon forgotten.

Congratulations to the… eccentric couple.'
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  • cindy

    God, could you imagine, two more Mariah’s in the world…

  • the hands it’s strange :/