If I ever live in Los Angeles…

Deep inside the Hollywood Hills is 8400 Grand View Drive, a house that screams out “I love LA, bitches!” It boasts a perfect view of the city lights below, the ocean in the distance, and a contemporary facade of glass and steel. Guests marvel at the state-of-the art lighting, chef’s kitchen, and spa-worthy bathrooms. If all that doesn’t tickle your fancy, the infinity pool overlooking the city most certainly will. It’s just under $5,000,000- so save up. Check it out at LA Classic Estates.

Bryce Gruber is a Manhattanite mom who can be found jet-setting off to every corner of the globe. She loves exotic places, planes with WiFi, summer clothes, & Sucre brown butter truffles. Bryce’s aim is to do to luxury what Elton John did to being gay. Follow her on twitter @brycegruber

  • Hello Bryce, I love your ‘If I ever live in’ series. It’s fantastic and there hasn’t been a spot you’ve picked I don’t want to live in as well!

  • Samantha

    Nice place but I think I would kill myself if I had to live in LA.

  • Bryce

    napkindad- thanks so much! that totally made my morning:)
    samantha- me too. i like the house though.

  • Samantha

    The house is great we could have it shipped east and put it over the hudson it would be perfect. 🙂 Though I would want some curtains 😉

  • fellinilover

    That house is amazing but it’d be a death trap with kids!