Got Milk? This Mobile Breastfeeding Truck Does!

Finally, a place where women can breastfeed their babies in public without having to deal with dumb morons who act like they’ve never seen a tit before! Basically, the mission of The Milk Truck, which was created by artist Jill Miller from an old ice cream truck, is to allow moms to feed their children in areas where they’ve typically been discouraged, such as restaurants, shopping malls, etc. We can only hope that all the lactating ladies come running just as fast to pop out their boobies as we did when their was a Klondike bar at stake. Because, well…that would be kind of awesome. Suck it, haters!


…and, if you’re into breastfeeding-related entertainment (who isn’t?), you’ll want to flashback to our earlier post on breastfeeding as the cure to erectile dysfunction.'
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