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Gone Gaga 4 Minx-y Nails

By • Jan 11th, 2010 • Category: BEAUTY, Cosmetics


Ever since Gaga’s Love Game album debuted, it seems the whole world has gone ape-sh*t for minx nails.  I can see why- they’re reflective and shiny, and anyone hopped up on various substances would be into that.  But WTF, a regular manicure is $20 as it is, why spend twice as much to get a minxjob ($35-60 depending on the salon)?

If you’re into the shiny silver look, you can score a bottle of CND’s nail polish in “Silver Chrome” for about $10 at a beauty supply store, and have enough to last several manicures.  And truthfully, when it comes down to it, the difference isn’t THAT big in terms of silver nails.  I even did my own little experiment with the line…

Picture 1

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