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Globe Spotting: Nicole Miller x Indego Africa

By • Jul 15th, 2011 • Category: Bottoms, FASHION, Shoes and Accessories

Luxe designer Nicole Miller may kill it, every season, with sleek city-girl wears that never quit, but she’s got a heart too, guys. Beginning in 2010, Nicole Miller collaborated with Indego Africa on a line of textile-woven accessories & sportswear. Indego Africa, a social enterprise that empowers Rwandan women through fair-trade partnerships, accesses global buyers, and skills training to get their impecibly made textiles out to the public. And what’s best? It’s all pretty damn hot.  Find the line, donating 15% to Indego Africa here and here

Conor B. French told

A core piece of the organization’s model is focused on collaborations with high-end retailers, where goods are hand-crafted in its partner co-ops for the international market.

The Nicole Miller/Indego Africa collaboration began in 2010 with a line of textile-woven bangles, with the addition of two wrap skirts and three shorts this summer. The products are made in two Rwandan towns that were most affected by the 1994 genocide, where tens of thousands lost their lives. “I can say that I have been deeply moved by the way Nicole and her team honor and nurture the unlikely creative bond that has been forged between them and these talented Rwandan women,” French says.


Wrap skirts:


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