Giveaway Spotting: Eyeshadow Palettes by The Body Shop

4 color eyeshadow palette smokey copper body shop

Since we’re obviously mega fans of totally hot eye makeup, we thought we’d give away some of our favorite gear to get you glam! 5 lucky readers will win a sparkly, perfect-for-all-eye-colors shadow palette by The Body Shop! This palette is valued at $28 (but it’s also on sale this week), and is perfect for day or night. Try using a light sweep of the copper for day time, or layer the deeper hues in the creases of your eyelids to create dimension and depth for night glamour.

It’s easy to enter, just do the following:

1. Comment below telling us what color eyes you have and what your favorite trick to make them POP is. Rosy shadow to accent baby blues? Purple liner to make chocolatey browns really sizzle? Or maybe shimmering highlighter on the inside corners of eyes to bring out sweet hazels.

2. Tweet this (the more often the better!) “Hey @luxuryspot I’m dying to win the @thebodyshopusa makeup!”

3. “Like” this post on facebook (the button is in the top left corner of the post

Extra credit for pinning it on Pinterest, too!

We’ll pick a winner by December 22, 2012!

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  • paulakap8

    I have green eyes and to make them pop I use purple liner on my waterline on bottom lid 🙂

  • paulakap8
  • paulakap8

    I tweeted @paulakap8

  • Blue eyes – charcoal or bronze eye shadow with some glimmer is my fave!

    rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  • I have brown eyes. I try to make them pop by using silver liner.

  • I have black eyes. I like shimmery color or dark colors to accentuate my eyes. It depends on the mood im in.

  • I have green eyes and the best color on me to make them pop is green. I can wear many shades of green.

    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  • I have brown eyes and I use a shimmery champagne color on the base of my lid to make them pop! Thanks for the great giveaway! Tweeting as @kelliechio kelliescamera at gmail dot com

  • Margo B.

    I have greenish-grey eyes and like to use smokey plum colors to bring out the colors

  • Margo B.

    I also tweeted about this giveaway!

  • I have green eyes, and I put shimmer in the inner corner.

    holliister at gmail dot com

  • Whitney

    I have blue eyes and make them pop by using a cream shimmer shadow just under my brow, and a dark brown/grey from the bottom to middle of my eyelid. To top it off, I always ALWAYS use a black eyeliner with a cat eye effect, but only on top. I never use eye liner on the bottom

  • tinatre

    I have brown eyes and I use shimmery browns to make them pop.

  • Crystal

    My dark brown eyes can be accentuated with either plum, bronze or an olive green shadow w/metallic flecks. I use the same shadow as eyeliner by applying w/a small, angled brush. And boom. Onlookers are subsequently captivated 😉 Using shadow instead of eyeliner seems to last longer for me, & doesn’t irritate my eyes.

  • miriama59

    I have grey eyes. I use shimmery browns and that makes my eye pop. For a little more..I use black eyeliner.

  • miriama59
  • miriama59

    Liked post.

  • anne hill

    like #20

  • LilyBiscuit

    My eyes are green bordered with blue so amber, deep brown and purples work good. I like Too Faced Perfect Eyes pencil in Dark Olive Green.

  • Amy

    what color eyes you have Blue

    and what your favorite trick to make them POP is. Lots of Maybelline mascara

  • Amy

    “Like” this post on facebook done

    amy rouse

  • Amy
  • szawadzke

    I have blue-gray eyes. I use a smokey brown shadow to make them pop.

  • Julie

    I have brown eyes. I use gold glitter eyeliner underneath a black eyeliner and it really makes my eyes pop.

    I liked the post and tweeted about the giveaway. @flippingdancer

  • I have hazel eyes, the green part comes out almost neon with some pinks and purples in my liner/shadow!

  • I have brown eyes. I use white eyeliner in the end of the eye to make them pop

  • I have blue eyes and I love bright colors like lime green and pinks 🙂

  • I have blue eyes and i make them pop with blackest black eyeliner with a brown eyeshadow with a smokey look to make them pop! @nickandmattsmom thanks for the chance!

  • I have hazel eyes and I wear a dark brown and light brown on my eyes.

  • Liz Figler

    I have brown eyes and I use golds to make them stand out

  • Elita

    I have hazel green eyes. I love to use shimmery shadows on my lids, usually pinky, but I will also use golds or bronzes alone or mixed in. And I love purple eyeliner. Also, sometimes blue or purple mascara during the day is a great eye color popper. Thnx! E

  • i have brown and white with black eyeliner make them pop out

  • i have brown eyes and i use eyeliner, primer, and dark shadow to make it pop!! winged effect also works too!

  • Elita

    ‘Liked’ and Pinned to my board “Make My Day”. Pinterest name’s Elitah. Thnx! E

  • jen

    i have hazel eyes so i use black liner on top and and a kind of dark green on the lower, and the green really make the color of my eyes POP!

  • Julie

    Brown eyes and I use copper!

  • Ann

    @annstiptoes tweeting daily

  • I have green eyes & though my makeup knowledge is limited I have found a dab of gold in the center of my lower eye lid somehow makes my eyes look bigger and the green deeper.

  • Kristin M

    I use purple eyeliner for my hazel eyes

  • Vanessella

    I have dark brown eyes and I brighten them by mixing bronze and gold shadows and line upper lids with black eyeliner and use white eyeliner on the lower inner eyelid. Fabulous!!

  • La’Shonda

    I have brown eyes. I love using a tan liner instead of white. I also love to use the color green or some shade of blue to give it some pop.

  • hofken

    I have dark brown eyes and like to use navy eyeliner
    FB – Cynthia M Richardson

  • hofken
  • Gwen

    I have black to brownish eyes so I always add gold shimmer shadow

  • Claire

    Blue, and I love adding turquoise eyeliner + mascara to make them pop

  • Diane

    My eyes are light brown. I usually highlight the corners, use a chocolate brown liner and then create a smokey look by using the blending tip. Purple is great too!

  • Susan B

    I usually put a little white shadow in the inside corners of my eyes