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Giveaway Spotting: Elizabeth Grant Socializer Z.I.T. Zapper

By • Aug 28th, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY

Want a handy little beauty tool that multitasks as much as you do? Salicylic acid is the wonder drug that has about a million different uses, and Elizabeth Grant’s Z.I.T. Zapper offers a high 5% concentration that’s perfect for topical use. It’s not just for annoying acne and occasional zits- it’s the must-have medicine cabinet item that can stop the spread of psoriasis, treat corns and foot calluses, and even dry up skin warts! We’re giving you the chance to be one of five winners of this pretty little powerhouse.

Want to win it? Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment here telling us your most horrifying skin experience. Was it a gigantic zit on your wedding day? A rash on your big job interview? Allergic reaction to peanut butter in public? We’ve all had those moments.

2. Tweet at us with this: Hey @luxuryspot, my skin needs @egskincare! Pick me!

3. “Like” this post on Facebook (the button is at the top of the post).

For extra credit, pin this post on pinterest as well.

VOILA! Winners will be announced next week <3 …open to US and Canada residents.

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  • C Williams

    Mine was a gigantic zit on my nose on the first day of school. So bad!

  • Ami B

    Zit on my first day of work…I hate stress :(

  • M. Vena

    One of my worst skin moments was in high school (go figure!). One school year, I developed this round rash on my forehead. It was bright red and all the concealer in the world wouldn’t cover it up! Needless to say, that year was a super bad year (and not in the good way!). You can’t even begin to imagine the nicknames that my friends came up with for me! :( Boo…hooo!!!

  • M. Vena
  • M. Vena

    And I liked your FB post, too! (Maria Vena)

  • Majick

    Mine was a few years ago – hormonal upheaval and my darn feet were SO BAD… oh, it was horrible but they dried up to the point that they were cracking and bleeding. I went to a foot doctor and he had the nerve to tell me I didn’t have a problem and there were people who would kill to have my feet. WHAT? May not be bad for some folks but when you’re used to being able to walk – um – this is a problem NO?

    Lucky for me one of the nurses in the office gave me some samples of a foot cream that saved my life. I was stuck in socks and sneaks for half of forever. THank Goddess things tend to work themselves out and now I only get an occasion blip on the radar. WHew!

    The face? Well, that’s another topic all together but nothing creative concealing can’t deal with at this time.

    I had no idea that salicylic acid had so many uses.

  • Shana S

    I ate something weird (still not sure what it was, but whatever it was, I was allergic to it), and my lips swelled up to three times their size! I was at work, so the humiliation was tremendous. I had to walk around the whole day looking like I had gotten into a barfight and wound up with a fat lip.

  • vickie

    we had a dog that had fleas – well I was pregnant and I got bites all over my legs – this would have come in handy

  • Kimberly D

    Mine was right by my nose and nasty and ready to be extracted. And it was quite obvious to everyone but me, who didn’t notice it until MUCH later. Embarrassing.

  • Lauren

    My first allergic reaction *happened* to be the first weekend I spent with my new boyfriend. I had tried a new lotion stick–only on my calfs and shins, because it was an accessible area and I was lazy. A couple days later, I had hives all over my lower legs, which I was convinced were bug bites because my boyfriend had made us go hiking in tall brush. Of course I blamed him, proving indisputably that I was crazy and unreasonable our very first weekend together.

  • Kammi

    I don’t actually have skin problems at all but I just don’t like when I have zits on stressful days.

  • Ocie Johnson

    I am requesting this for my son. He is 16 and has had horrible acne for 2 has destroyed his social life as kids can be so cruel and he is so embarrassed! We have went through medical treatment, but I would love to get something such as this that will help fight it. Please don’t tell him I put this on the internet! :)

  • Joyce McDaniel

    My most embarrassing moment is when I was 16 and had this big zit grow on the edge of my chin. It was in a shape of a nipple and looked horrible. I finally cried enough about it and did not want to go to school. My mom finally took me to a dermatologist and it was worst than we thought, it was a zit that had growed so much that they had to take a needle and draw the stuff out of it. It hurt so bad. They put a bandage on it and told me I had to come back and they were going to check it again and do a resurface on my face due to acne. Well in about 4 weeks it started growing again so my mom took me back and it had a cord in it ad the doctor had to cut it out. It really hurt then and I had to leave bandages on for 2 months. Later on I had the ice treatment done to my face instead and it was weeks later before it healed. So know I go to the dermatologists once a year.
    I like you on FB
    Left the twitter message under @jmdaniel1

  • joyce88

    I sent in a response and from some reason it did not show up. My biggest embarrasement was a zit on my chin for 4 weeks when I was 15. It kept growing so big that it looked like an end of a boob. It was horrible looking and finally I got my mom to take me to the dermatalogists and they had to take a needle and draw out the stuff inside it. They put a bandage on it and with 6 weeks it grew back bigger. My mom took me back to the doctor and this time they said it was a core or cord cannot remember the name in it and it would have to be cut out. They cut it out and it heart so bad. They had to sew it back up and looked terrible. Several months later they did a procedure on my face with dry ice and it burned my skin bad but I had no choice but to go to school. Now I go to the dermatologists every year to make sure my skin is okay.. Hope I win this for my husbands feet for they are bad. God Bless

  • Betty

    My complexion was not an issue until my JR year in high school. Woke up SAT morning to find my face totally broke out. I hid upstairs for hours and finally my mother asked what was wrong, took one look at me and oh you broke out. The neighbor called to say you would. what?? Turns out the kids I baby sat for came down with 3 day measles right after I’d been with them. My mother had not passed along the message, but that is exactly what eventually happened. By MON the rash was gone and after that, a minor breakout seemed like nothing.

  • Betty
  • Betty

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    betty dennis

  • Jen Lynn Rutsky

    My worst skin experience was the day of my Bat Mitzvah. It was November 28, 1992 – just about 20 years ago. I had never had a break out nonetheless a zit. I woke up ready for my big day to look in the mirror and see a zit on the left side of my chin. Horrified I told my mom to call it all off. Once the makeup artist got to our house, she consoled me and got me to relax. Some foundation magic and it was nearly invisible, except to me. I still saw it. I knew it was there and thought about it the entire day. Even now, when I look at the pictures which everyone compliments, I think I see that fucking zit.

  • Valerie C.

    I was really stressed about my wedding! And of course I got a HUGE under the surface zit in a place I’ve never had one before or after….on my upper eyelid below my brow…..horrible! My grandmother said it was a warning. She may have been correct lol

  • huneyberd

    A nice, delicious breakout a couple days before a photo shoot…or a date…or an interview. (Breakouts happen ALL the time, grrr)

  • Ginger

    When I was in high school, I woke up one day with a purple chin. I didn’t want to go to school, but I didn’t have a choice. I was so glad when the purple color went away a couple of days later.

  • esti

    My worst skin experience was a terrible breakout right before my sister’s wedding from eating a huge vat of peanut butter fudge. :( Such a dumb idea!

  • Elita

    Tough choice, there are a few! But I think one of the worst was as a kid I kept having this capillary break on the tip of my sort of pale-skinned nose. I’d get it zapped, which would work for a time, but then reappear. One of my many nicknames due to this was Rudolph! E

  • Tamara B.

    I had a very large zit on my chin the day of my senior school pictures

  • Tamara B.
  • Tamara B.

    I liked and shared this post on Facebook
    (Tamara Bennington)

  • http://facebook mary blair

    had a zit and was going on a date had a hard time covering it up.

  • Shawna

    I had acne all thru high school and it got worse as I became an adult. Just a few days after starting college, I got the chicken pox and missed 3 weeks of school. The stress on me caused my skin to also break out so bad with multiple large, hard pimples that take forever to come to a head and they were very painful. When I went back to college, I had remnants of chicken pox scars on my face as well as horrible acne and it was very embarrassing and even depressing. I began seeing a doctor and getting glycolic skin treatments which over time helped my skin to look better.

  • Vikki M

    My worst was having a big pimple on my chin and I had to go to a job interview. So embarrassing.
    Tweeted @mefink

  • ellaBronx

    Earlier this I had a horrible break out in the middle of my forehead..right before a date.

  • blusugie

    I had a big date coming up but ended up having a monster zit in front of my forehead. It looked like a bindi so I put one on it to disguise it but once we ordered some hot chicken, it ended up falling into the food exposing the zit, The date got so awkward after that..

  • Suzy

    I popped a pimple by my nose and then I put some zit cream on it to dry it up. Within an hour, the area became very inflamed and was horribly swollen. I went to the emergency room and found out that it was abcess. It had to be drained, and I had to be put on a round of strong antibiotics to get rid of it.

  • Julie

    Huge zit on my cheek before a dance performance… with blush on my cheeks, only accentuated it more!

  • Karla Sceviour

    Zits during high school are never nice! I can`t pinpoint a specific time,,but they were all horrible!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  • Karla Sceviour
  • Karla Sceviour

    I liked this post on facebook (Karla Sceviour)

  • Candicech1

    I had a big zit at the tip of my nose the day I went in for a job interview. I know the person was staring at it the whole time.

  • purplelarkspur

    My biggest skin disaster was poison oak all over my face and neck. It itched like hell and made me look terrible. Also, I tweeted here:

  • Dana Rodriguez

    My worst ever besides a zit???Once I had a reaction to sulfa drugs and my whole face swelled up like a balloon and was red and blotchy…just in time for my first day of school.My mother made me go to school anyway and I was mortified :(

  • Dana Rodriguez
  • Dana Rodriguez

    I do not see a like button for FB but I already stalk you there.However I did pin it!Have a great holiday weekend :)

  • miriama59

    Last summer I got poison oak and it spread to my face. I had a visit to the ER and two to the doctor’s office and I didn’t have insurance. My eyes kept swelling up and I didn’t want to go anywhere. I was miserable. It lasted over a month.

  • miriama59
  • miriama59

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  • Lena

    I would say my most horrifying skin experience was when I went to South Beach for the Winter Music Conference coming off of birth control. That, in combination with the highly humid weather, led to a huge flare up all over my face (the biggest ever)! I didn’t even have long hair at the time to help hide it! LOL

  • Hofken

    Zits when you’re over 50

  • Hofken
  • Hofken

    FB – Cynthia M Richardson

  • Hofken
  • Melissa Clark

    A huge zit on my chin first day of 9th grade! I popped it and somehow became a cyst and was the size of a golf ball by end of the first week of high school. i was so embarrassed!

  • a marie hj saver / creep4ward

    My big job interview and I get a pimple right between my eyes. No worse place!