Giveaway Spotting: Australian Gold Memorial Day Package

Now that Cinco de Mayo is behind us, it seems like there’s nothing else to look forward to. WRONG! There’s Memorial Day weekend. I love Memorial Day weekend because it’s a great way to spend a whole weekend at the beach, lake or whereever and kick-off summer right. You get three days (four if your boss is feeling generous) to drink, bbq and start working on your tan. And speaking of sunbathing, no matter whether you’re hitting the beach or your backyard, don’t forget to apply sunblock! We’re crazy for Australian Gold and this week we’re giving away a special Australian Gold Memorial Day Package, including sunscreen, sunglasses, a t-shirt, and backpack!

Comment below, tweet at us, post on our Facebook, or send a telefax: How are you spending Memorial Day? (Renting a beach house with 14 of my closest friends!)? Tell us for a 1 in 5 chance to win a Australian Gold Memorial Day Package.

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By Olga

Olga is a fast talking East Coast girl who takes no bull or prisoners. When not kicking a$$ and taking names, she can be found being awesome up and down the East Village. In her down time, Olga practices power yoga and drinks hand-crafted cocktails – sometimes at once.

  • Btheodore138

    It’s my husband’s birthday on Memorial Day, so we’ll be throwing him a small party and bbq.

  • Spending it with a group of friends by a lake house on the Chesapeake. Should be amazing!

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    I am hoping to escape for a minivacation with my husband on Memorial Day. We want to go for a few days to the RiverWalk in San Antonio

  • laroyal06

    I’m going to my brother’s house for a cookout!
    @laroyal06 on twitter

  • Pwilliams


  • Melissa

    Going to my best friend’s house with a crew for bar hopping, brunch, and massages!

  • Patricia

    I am working 🙁

  • cindy

    Its my son’s last week of school that week, the following week we are going to go to an indoor water park and Kings Island 🙂

  • nutmeg237

    I am spending Memorial Day weekend in the Hamptons with friends and family ~hoping for some good weather, beachtime, bbq’s and tennis …can’t wait !!

  • ladyboarder9669

    I’m going to spend it with my husband, playing outdoors! I’m hoping to take the dog to the dog park, go for a bike ride, do some yard work…anything in the sun!


  • ShawnaMichelle2

    I’m going to Lake Tahoe with my family for a few days. We will be going to the beach and boating and having a BBQ. @LuckySweeper

  • eyewonit

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  • eyewonit

    I ‘like’ Australian Gold and TheLuxurySpot on Facebook as Nancy Reid

  • eyewonit

    My hubs and I will be hosting a party for Memorial Day at our home.
    We will be celebrating a traditional Memorial Day honoring our fallen troops!!

  • Luv

    Me and a couple of my friends are going to Las Vegas for the Memorial day weekend.

  • miriama59

    No real plans yet. I would like to go to the beach. Like and follow you on FB and twitter.

  • weeziestoy

    No real plans….we usually gather at someone’s home for a family and friends gala…can hardly wait…

  • weeziestoy

    Following luxuryspot on twitter…

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    Like Australian Gold on facebook…

  • weeziestoy

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  • dropastitch
  • dropastitch

    following @LuxurySpot on Twitter,


  • dropastitch

    ‘like’ Australian Gold Facebook! amy rouse

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    ‘like TheLuxurySpot on Facebook!

    amy rouse

  • Naddez

    Cookout in my backyard with family & friends