Male German DJ’s Grow 24-hour boobs

german djs grow boobs'
Written by Gary

A couple of German DJ’s are getting saline injections to emulate female breasts.

german djs grow boobs

It is no secret that lots of men wonder what its like to have breasts, some of them even going so far as dressing up like human dolls, or wearing bras underneath their clothes. John and Rasheed, two well-known German DJ’s from Berlin decided to get saline injected into their chesticles, in order to understand what women go through on a daily basis, and also to get random people like me all over the world to write about it.

The doctors created these temporary he-tits by injecting 700 ml of saline into their pectoral areas. The boobs initially felt like rocks, but then began to feel pretty realistic an hour later, and lasted for 24 hours. In that time, the two men said that it was fun at first, but before long it felt really uncomfortable, especially when they were jump-roping at the gym. They also mentioned that women deserve medals for wearing bras, since they are basically like torture devices.

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I never realized you could just get temporary tits injected. I have a feeling Bruce Jenner just made an emergency doctors appointment.

german djs grow boobs

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