Father’s Day Finds

Written by Lana

A Dime For Dad. Literally.

Scrambling around last minute to find the perfect father’s day gift? Well I’ve been lucky finding amazing deals online for close to nothing prices. My stress level has gone down and my wallet is sitting pretty.   I mean real pretty.  Like… rich, pretty.

For example:  I would like to purchase my father a friggin’ big screen so he wouldn’t situate his recliner SO close to the TV and SO in everyone’s way.  But do I have a thousand bucks to dole out? No! I have shoes to purchase!  So on my search for a seriously discounted piece… I found gold.

Picture 1

Samsung 40” Plasma TV

Retails: $899.99  Bidcactus Price: $0.01?!?!?!

Uhhhh…. WHAT?  This must be a scam. I kept watching, and watching, and behold. A TV for $10 bucks. BidCactus is a bidding war. One that I am all too familiar with on my search for designer duds on eBay.  Check out Bidcactus.com for any other deals you may want to shell out a penny or two for. Heck, make it a special Father’s Day. Spend $10 on a TV, like I did!

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