Expecting? Don’t forget to update Facebook!

Because baby news hasn’t infiltrated your news feed enough, Facebook has created a new setting that allows moms-to-be to update their family status to “I’m Expecting.”

Why don’t we just change the name to Bragbook? “I’m engaged!” “I’m married!” “I’m expecting!” “I’m your age, but accomplishing all of my life milestones before you. Loser!”

What took so long for this necessary development in social media, anyway? After all, my pregnant friends changing their profile pictures to sonograms didn’t tip me off to the fact that they’re pregnant, I just thought they had a case of the Benjamin Buttons and had regressed back into a fetus. What we need are more ways to aggressively announce our fertility. MORE! I want Contraction Calendars and Water Breaking Bumper Stickers!

[The Frisky]
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