Decor Spotting: Stylish Eclectic Clutter

In the world of decor and design, trends come and go. Whether things are modern and minimalist or cozy and cluttered there is always a way to display your personal items that fits with your personality. The older we get, the more junk we accumulate, and if we aren’t smart about how we display these items our apartments will get smaller and smaller as they build up, until eventually we are 500 lb hoarders that are living in a 2 ft square space surrounded by the skeletons of our dead cats.

Displayed properly, your favorite items can add a sense of charm to a room. The key to displaying clutter is to group things together in eye-catching vignettes. If you have some books, a lamp, and a few knick-knacks, try laying the books flat and displaying some knick-knacks on top to create a triangular shape with the lamp. Group things together that have pleasing color combinations, but don’t match by color exactly or your room with end up looking like the bottom floor of Uniqlo, and (much like the bottom floor of Uniqlo) it will make drunk or hung over people reassess their habits. Always display things that are important to you but try and stagger them at different heights so that your space reads as a display, rather than a storage solution.

Lastly, choose wisely what you decide to display. You can get away with a lot but showing off a worn out headless Barbie Doll, or the condom that broke the night you conceived your son does not a stylish eclectic cluttered display make.

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By Gary
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