Decor Spotting: A Headboard That Used To Be A Tree


I am absolutely in love with this organic-looking wooden headboard. Headboards are generally so boring, but in recent years I have seen a lot of creative ideas via Pinterest. Headboards no longer have to match perfectly to the rest of your furniture, or even attach to your bed. Recently, they have become nothing more than a simple reminder of which direction you should lay your head, and that really opens the doors to what you can do.

This reclaimed wood headboard is perfect because it goes well with either natural or modern decor. It’s unique enough to match organic, rustic decor, and edgy enough to fit with industrial metals.

Best of both worlds.

The only downside I see is that there is no obvious place to which you can attach handcuffs, but since it is made of wood it would be easy enough to screw in a hook or two, am I right?

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By Gary
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