The Five Most Colorful Natural Destinations on Earth

colorful nature'
Written by Gary

I am a total nature guy, which is ironic since I live in a huge, grey, concrete hamster cage with no more than a few faint traces of sunlight per day. Because of that, I am extremely thankful for both The Internet, and escaping the city as much as possible.

colorful nature

Danxia Landform, China.
The crazy striated colors come from 24 million years of colored sandstone and minerals being pressed together, then buckled by tectonic plates.

I think it’s important for humans to commune with nature at every opportunity, and one of the things I like most about nature (during the warm months, at least) is all the gorgeous colors. Even though the following places look like something out of one of Janis Joplin’s acid trips, they are all naturally occurring. Take a peek at the photos and get some inspiration for your next big adventure.

colorful nature
Yekaterinburg Mines, Russia
The colors of these salt mines are caused by a mineral called carnallite.

colorful nature

Tulip Fields, The Netherlands
Tulips. Any questions?

colorful nature

Cano Cristales, Colombia
The colors of this rainbow river are caused by different strains of algae.

colorful nature

Fly Geiser, Nevada
While the geyser itself isn’t naturally occurring, the colors come from thermophilic algae that lives off of the extreme micro-climate.

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