Celeb Spotting: Jennifer Aniston Is Getting Married, Too

So according to TMZ, Brangelina’s wedding better watch it’s fucking back, because Jennifer Aniston is throwing her own wedding. Whether she’ll actually be marrying a human man is not yet confirmed. Justin Therwhateverhislastnameis hasn’t proposed yet. Anyway, apparently Jen has been scouting locations in Crete. Fancy! You know, I’ve always like Jennifer Aniston. She seems like the kind of chick who’ll go to a sports bar with you, play beer pong with the post-bros, do shots with the bartender and then leave the tab with the finance guy who swears he’s in love with his fiance while bumping his hand into your boobs 4-5 times “accidentally.” She’s also best friends with Chelsea Handler! That wins you a bazillion points right off the back, amirite? Anyway, I guess I should go order my Team Aniston t-shirt.

By Olga

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